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Married to a Monster: Episode 9, 10, 11, 12 &13





Quickly,we dragged Eric upstairs to my room. I opened my wardrobe and we put him inside, closing it.

Incase if anything happens or they wanted a search warrant which I will definitely not allow,they would start from the other rooms not the one we were inside of it.

While Micheal went downstairs to open the door for the police, I quickly got out a drawing board, and a stool.

I placed it in front of the wardrobe and the drawing materials. I had to get something doing… really needed to get something doing to distract them entirely.

I couldn’t bear to think what was going to happen should they find out about Eric’s body in the wardrobe.

There would be no evidence that we did not do it.

My heart did a double flip when the door opened and they cane in with Micheal. I tried hard to look natural…I couldn’t afford to look scared or shaken.

Micheal led them inside and stole a glance at the wardrobe…he too was trying to look okay but his face as as still full of fear.

“Wow. Nice drawing you got here.” One of the police man said, probably the leader.

They were four in number. At that point,I wondered who called them or what they came to do.

I looked up, giving them my best smile.

“Oh,yes. You are welcome. But to whom do I owe this visit?” I asked, continuing my drawing, although my hands were shaking badly.

“Ah,yes. We are here for a reason. Our D.P.O’s daughter ran away due to a little misunderstanding at home and was said to have ran into this compound this afternoon.

I don’t know if you guys saw her.” The police man said,his eyes darting around.

Michael and I looked at each other and back at him.

“No. We saw nobody.” Micheal responded.

“Okay. I believe this is Mr Eric Donald’s house. When they brought report of where the girl ran into,I never knew it was here.

He’s a friend of ours. So,where is he and who are you?”the police man asked, going around.

Micheal and I exchanged quick glances and I looked back at him.

I was a little annoyed with the interference but I had to be careful not to blow up my top.

“Well…Mr…Mr….Eric has gone to work and I’m his wife. What else do you want to know?” I asked, clutching the pen on my hands so tightly it broke.

The police man looked at me and nodded.

He looked around, nodding at the paintings on the wall. Micheal looked at me,his eyes full of desperation.

I shivered as I pray they would go already.

“But it took you so long to open the door for us like you were hiding something,why?”

The police man asked and I lost it. I glared at him.

“Officer,I thought you came here to look for a girl who is obviously not here. Why the interrogation?

Are you insinuating that we’ve hide the girl here in our house?” I questioned them, trying to look annoyed and not intimidated.

“I did not say a thing like like. I only wanted to know why it took you so long to open the door for us.

Is there any chance you were afraid of us coming inside? Maybe for a search warrant or what?”

The police asked and my heart began to beat fast at the mention of search warrant.

I had to be aggressive. Why would they search my house? For what?

“Officer,look. I don’t know what you are talking about. I opened the door when it was convenient for me.

As you can see,I was busy with something before you came.

Since you did not see what you came here to look for,can you kindly leave, please?” I said, looking at him straight in the eyes.

“Officer, there is nothing to worry about. I was also busy cooking when you came in. I will like to go back to my work too, please.” Micheal said, avoiding eye contact with the police man.

“Sure. We are going to go but you did not even offer us anything. Why? You should allow your mind to be at rest when you know your mind is clean. Okay,we will be going now but when you get any information about the girl, contact us, please.”The police man said.

“Yes,we will.” I said, trying my best not to be so desperate and relieved.

“And this is our number.” The police man said, calling out a number which I jotted down,my body shaking with the want of seeing them leaving the house.

As they turned to go,he turned back again, as if he forgot something.

“Oh, before I forget, Please,when he gets back…tell him inspector Dapo was here and also asked of him.”

“Yes,I will.” I answered, almost standing up from the stool in desperation. I was even tempted to go and open the door for them and hurl them out.

“Or give me his number. So I can call him later, there is this important thing we need to discuss about.”


“Officer… officer….I’m sorry. Currently…I don’t have his number…I …I…. don’t know it off hand.” I replied, stealing a glance at Micheal who opened his mouth wife for a moment and closed his back.

“You don’t? And you say you are his wife? Hmm,that’s soo strange.” The police man said looking at me.

God,what type of a thing is this? I was tempted to shout at him but I kindly smiled at him.”Well,I think you should go now.

Like I said before,I was busy before you came in.” I said gently and he nodded, turning to the other three police men.

“Let’s go.” He told them and as they all turned to go,a phone began to ring.

A phone!!

The ringing tone so circulated the whole place.

Michael and I looked at each other as the police men turned back swiftly around, looking around.
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“Whose phone is that?” Inspector Dapo asked. We did not move. And it increased their suspicion. Why aren’t you saying anything? Why aren’t you picking the call?”

God! Where was it coming from? From the wardrobe… right inside the wardrobe!!

I desperately wanted to say something… anything…but my whole body has been paralyzed with fright.

Why did I not think about this before?…to remove his phone and switch it off entirely… even to have removed the battery and send it to hell?.

“Sir,it’s coming from the wardrobe.” One of the police men said to the inspector.

They positioned themselves as their true wicked face appeared.

“Open the wardrobe…I said open the wardrobe,now!”

God….God….we were finished.

The phone continued to ring….right inside Eric’s pocket from the wardrobe……


I decided to act brave as they commanded us to open the wardrobe. I came down from the stool and stood in front of the inspector.

By this time,the ringing had stopped and it gave me more courage.

“Officer, I won’t allow you to come in here into my house and order me around.

I choose the call I want to receive and the one I don’t want to receive. Please,leave me my house,now.” I said with a mark of finality as the inspector glared at me.

When I was just winning the situation,then boom!!

The phone began to ring again,this time…more louder. I was shaken and the police men saw it.

I moved back, scratching my hair as the inspector brought out his gun, pointing it Micheal.

“Open that wardrobe now!” He said, commanding him with a loud voice. Micheal looked at me,tears almost jumping out of his eyes as he moved towards the wardrobe slowly.

“Officer please….” Michael started as the inspector pointed the gun at him.

“Open this thing!”

I stood straight there, unable to move as I watch Micheal’s shaking hands going towards the wardrobe.

Slowly,he opened the wardrobe and threw the door opened.

Eric’s body became visible as the police men’s eyes widened in terror.

“Jesus Christ!”they exclaimed,as they stared at the body layed inside the wardrobe.

“Officer…we did not do it. You have to believe us, please. We were just about to call the police when you arrived. Please, believe us we did not kill him.

We…we saw him dead on the floor… please… please… believe us..”Micheal pleaded as the inspector looked at us.

He threw a glance at me.”Who killed Mr Eric? How did he died?”

Tears fell from my face as I bowed my head.”I don’t know…we saw his body… lying on the ground.

” I replied. At this point,I did not care if they believed or not. I just wanted the corpse out of the house.

“You are under arrest for murder.” The inspector said as Micheal broke down, pleading innocence.

I did not say anything. I just resigned myself to fate.

“Officers, bring out the body..we are all going to the station for interrogation. I will call the ambulance now”.

The inspector said as the three officers went to the wardrobe,wore their hand gloves and pulled Eric’s body out, making him lie on the floor.

“There is one more thing you need to know.”I told the inspector as he looked at me.

Antonia’s corpse was being carried out with a stretcher by two police men. Michael and I were already inside the van, waiting for them to load the corpses inside the ambulance.

“You don’t have to cry, Rose. Since we are innocent of all this, nothing will happen to us.” Micheal told me as he held my hand. I look at him and shooked my head, sniffing.

“I’m not crying because of me but because of you.

I put you through this. You wouldn’t be here if I did not do all those things and if I had allowed you to call the police, things might have been different.

Please, forgive me.” I told him but he said nothing. He only hugged me to himself.

As soon as the corpse were layed inside the ambulance,our journey to the station took place.

We got there thirty minutes later and was taken inside different interrogation rooms.

The D.P.O interrogated me personally. I didn’t know who interrogated Micheal but I was sure it was the inspector.

“You must tell me the truth,Mrs Donald. How did your husband died?” The D.P.O asked me.

I looked up at him with my teary eyes.” I can swear with my life I don’t know what happened to him.

But if you would believe me,I think something transpired between him and his body guard.”

I said and in that instant,I knew I needed Felicia but I knew she must have ran away from the house already. Who wouldn’t?

She could have testified against Patrick because his movement was suspicious and he was also the very last person to talk with Eric.

“Please, believe me”. I said to the D.P.O. “I was married to him but he never treated me as a wife till he died. I couldn’t have killed him.

Even though he never showed me love,I believed that one day,he would.

What would I gain from doing so? Whatever would I gain from killing him??” I asked the D.P.O who only continued to look at me.

“So,you had no idea that there was a corpse up in that room?”he asked me and I told him no.

“There is no way you expect me to believe you without an evidence,do you?” The D.P.O asked. I looked at him nodding .

He was right. How do I expect him to believe me without an evidence.

“I’m being lenient with you because of your status as his wife. I’m sure that guy’s face will be full of scars by now if he refuses to say the truth.

The truth will save you. It’s the only thing that’s going to save you.

Just trust me and tell me the truth.

You will have to be taken to court should this continue.

You aren’t free of this allegations at all.

When there is no single evidence, you are not free.

You can’t be free. There is no evidence that you are. No evidence…..”

“There is an evidence,dad.”

The D.P.O was interrupted by a voice. I looked up a s turned around to see a young girl coming inside.

Calling the D.P.O dad…she must be the girl that ran away.

“Betty! What are you doing here and what do you mean by that!” The D.P.O questioned.

“Everything that happened…..I witnessed it all.

I was in that compound that afternoon that everything happened.

There is an evidence.” The girl said as I stared at her. My heart beat accelerated.

Does it mean she saw something as she ran into the compound that afternoon?

God. Is this you at work? I allowed my heart beat to slow down a bit as Betty began her story……


“What exactly did you say you saw, Betty?” The D.P.O asked his daughter.

Betty stared ahead as if she saw trying to say something then she started.

“That afternoon when I ran into the compound….

{Betty’s story}

Betty ran into the compound whose gate was not locked.

The gate man wasn’t aware that someone had entered. She was sobbing as she entered inside.

She passed through the narrow passage behind the house, leading to the other main entrance by the left and peeped through the door which was opened and saw Eric together with Patrick, coming.

Betty hide, backing the wall as she peeped in again when she noticed they were not coming out.

Eric was furious as he banged on the store room.”Are you sure she’s here right now?” Eric barked at Patrick.

“Yes sir. I saw her few minutes ago as we arrived, going inside here with Micheal.

I couldn’t believe it also so I had to come and call you.”

Patrick replied as Eric banged again furiously at the store room door.” Come out!! come out,you slut. You animal!! I said….”

Patrick lifted an heavy stick,which he kept by the door and landed it on Eric’s back head, twice and hard.

Eric sunk in his breath as he slumped to the floor, bleeding and breathing heavily.

“Why…” He asked, quietly, slowly as Patrick stared down at him, smiling evilly.

“Well, master. You think you can have it all? No,you can’t.

No,Eric Donald. Living with you had been so boring I can’t take it anymore.

Don’t worry and just die,I will inherit all your properties and wealth and manage them very well.” Patrick said, raising the stick again for the third hit.

Despite his state,Eric laughed.

“You don’t even know where my documents are. How will you be able to do that?

You don’t know what I wrote in the will I gave to my lawyer…you ….you..can never achieve your evil plans…” Eric said, running out of breath.

“We shall see about that. I shall come back for the house documents and every other documents and prove you wrong. Goodbye,master.”

Patrick said and hit him again on the fore head. Eric died instantly as Patrick threw the stick,full of blood inside the store room.

Betty stood where she was,her hands covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming as she saw all what happened.

As soon as she heard his footsteps retreating back the way they came,Betty took to her heels and fled the compound…….

{Back to reality}

The D.P.O breathed in as soon as Betty finished her story.

To say I was relieved would be an understatement. I was dying of it!.

The D.P.O told one of the officers to call his wife so she could come and pick Betty up while another was sent to call Micheal. He arrived almost immediately with a police man holding him tightly.

“Let him be.” The D.P.O said as Micheal joined me on my seat. The D.P.O looked at us. “This is really incredible. Who is this body guard?” He asked.

“Patrick.” Both Micheal and I said together.


We nodded.

“Do you know how long he’s been working for Mr Eric?” The D.P.O asked and I looked at Micheal. Only him should know that.

Micheal stared for a while and nodded.

“Yes. Over five years now.” He replied.

“In the story my daughter narrated now,the said Patrick told the dying man he would come back for the house documents and other things. I’m sorry we can’t totally release you even though you are innocent.

I’m sorry. But we are going to allow you go back home and await the arrival of Patrick.

Pray that he does for he’s the only way for you to be free of this case entirely.

And as for the dead bodies,we have to bury them with immediate effect.

After that you can go home. We will keep an eye on you guys and the house and alert us immediately Patrick comes.”

After the bodies were buried we were permitted to go home. Outside the station,I saw Betty getting into her mum’s car. She stopped as she saw me pointing at her and saying something to Micheal who smiled.

We got closer to her and I extended my hand for a hand shake. She gladly took it.

“Thank you so much for saving us. You are a God sent.” I told her and she smiled. She was quite pretty and young, probably,18.

“You are welcome. And I feel so pleased to have saved someone. You won’t believe it but it was my first time. I have to rush now…my mum is already impatient.”

Betty said as she heard her mum scream her name from the car. We waved as she hopped inside and they zoomed off.

Almost immediately,as we wanted to enter the van to take us back home,my eyes felt dizzy and saw stars. I couldn’t stable my feet as I staggered. Michael looked at me,alarmed as he held me.

“Rose! What’s that?” He asked but he seemed as if he was far away because I couldn’t hear anything close again.

I ran out of breath and slumped against him, collapsing.

Slowly,I opened my eyes to see myself in an hospital bed. The first person I saw was Micheal, holding my hand and looking down at my face with a wield expression. I tried to stand up but he pinned me back to the bed.

“What’s happening? Please let me get up.” I said in a very weak voice that sounded so low.

“You are still very tired, Rose. Relax.” He told me with a troubled harsh voice. I looked at him and noticed it at once.

His face was marked with worries.

“What’s it? What’s happening? You…you look worried ” I asked him as he breathed in and looked at me.

“I…I… don’t Know how to break this Rose…I don’t know..I’m so confused right now.” Micheal said,robbing his head.

I was alarmed. Was it about me? Despite my weakness,I forced myself to sit up.

“Please,tell me. Don’t keep me in suspense. What’s wrong? What’s happening? Michael, please.. talk to me!” I voiced out as he looked at me again.

“Rose… Rose…. you’re… you’re pregnant.” He announced and my shoulders slumped immediately.

Pregnant?…No way…how could I? could I?

Oh no…Eric had sex with me the very day I pressed the key into the soap!

No…I couldn’t have that monster’s baby..but wait….I also had sex with Michael the next day.

God..whose baby was I carrying??


I was discharged out of the hospital and we returned to the house.

I still felt strange in the house but having Micheal and Felicia who had been in the hospital all along was awesome. They kept my company just well.

One week later, I began having symptoms of all kind of sickness due to the pregnancy.

I was amazed with the lots of money in Micheal’s care. It was enough to buy a whole building. He spent it on me and took good care of me and all the medications required by the doctor.

Eric’s lawyer was currently out of town so I was unaware if my place as Eric’s wife and how many properties he owned.

One month later,there was still no sign of Patrick and we wondered if he would ever come back.

Two months later,it happened. I was in the kitchen with my protruding tummy when I heard a horn blaring at the gate.

The new gate man opened it and a van ran madly in.I was watching from the window.

That movement alone alerted me. It was a black van. I quickly turned off the gas cooker, looking put intently.

Just in time, Patrick jumped out from the car together with five other guys.

I was alarmed as I covered my mouth with my hands already shaking.

I leapt out of the kitchen, running out to find Michael and trying so hard not to scream his name.

I ran ino my bedroom madly.

He was there.

“Michael…I panted, pointing at the door. Micheal stood up immediately, leaving all what he was doing.

“What’s going on?” He asked, running to close the door at the list if what to do.

“Patrick…. Patrick…is here!” I managed to say.”And with some men. That are many. Call the police immediately.” I added as Micheal jerked the door opened and ran out.

I followed.

We got into the living room and made for the telephone but we were too late.

Patrick and two of the boys were already inside while three stayed outside to keep watch.

“Where do you think you are going to,Mr make cook?”Patrick asked, bringing out a gun from his pocket.

I screamed unconsciously as I faced down going on my knees and already in tears.

They were all armed,with teal big guns. Micheal raised his hands up, moving away.

“Pat… Patrick..why would you point a gun at me? We aren’t fighting.” Micheal stuttered put as Patrick laughed.

“Oh,really? But you were just about to call your puppies called the police?” Patrick asked,still pointing the gun at Micheal.

I feared for my dear Micheal. What if he shoots the gun?

“Please..take whatever it is you want to take.. please..I won’t call anyone. Just don’t hurt us, please.

” Micheal pleaded as Patrick and his gang laughed. He looked at me and amazement crossed his face.

“ are even pregnant for that hippopotamus? Or is it for Micheal?” He asked and laughed again then stopped laughing suddenly,his face becoming serious than ever.

“I believe you have the key to that private room. Whatever is it?” Patrick asked and aimed the gun at me as I wasted time. The other two guys pointed their guns at Micheal.

I screamed, covering my head.”Yes…yes…I have it. It’s in my room..I will bring it for you.” I answered,my voice shaking.

Patrick turned towards one of the guys.”Sonnie, follow her and get the key. Lets be fast and get out of here.”Patrick said harshly to the guy and he kicked me up.

“Move it!” Sonnie shouted at me as I quickly climbed up the stairs leading to my room. I opened the door and we entered.

“Be fast and bring put the key.” Sonnie commanded as I walked slowly to the drawer,my hands raised above my head.

I planned fast with my brain. I contemplated on what to do to Sonnie. He was the only one now. I could handle him if I was smart.

Without thinking twice I jerked my feet backward as hard as I could and hit him hard on the knee. His knee buckled as he gave a shout and a bullet left the gun, hitting the wall as I ducked.

Almost immediately the bullet was shot, the police siren blared outside the gate as they drove madly into the compound.

I did not know what happened and that point I remembered Felicia. I must have been the one that called them.

Still wincing in pain on the floor,I knocked down the gun from his hand and pulled the trigger at him.

I did not know what I was doing. I just did it the way I saw in movies but a bullet came out and went straight to his forehead, hitting him and killing him immediately.

My first time of killing someone. I understood it was self defense but I screamed trembling.

“Rose! Come out of there! Rose! Come down!.”

I heard screams downstairs outside the compound.

I staggered away from Sonnie’s dead body, clutching my stomach and jerked the door opened.

My mouth flew open. Everywhere was filled with smock! Smoke from fire…what happened? Where did fire come from? I ran out into the smoke but everywhere was blocked.. blocked!

The fire was everywhere in the living room. There was no where to pass. Tears filled my eyes as I began to cough violently.

“You guys should leave me alone! I need to get her out of there! Rose!… Rose..there is a bomb in there with the fire!

Jump down from the window! I’m going to catch you! Jump down else I’m coming in and we are going to die together!”

I heard Michael saying outside, downstairs.

God..the smock was growing thicker, drugging my lungs.

I slumped to the floor as I continued coughing. I was becoming blind by the thick smoke. I couldn’t see again.

At the background, Micheal’s voice continued sounding in my soul and it gave me strength.

I crawled in my feet and went back into my room, crawling to the window.

I grabbed it and opened the curtain and the aluminum glass to see Micheal begging me to jump.

Patrick and the police men were exchanging bullets, even though the house would explored thirty minutes from now on.

Out if the corner of my eyes downstairs,one of the boys Patrick brought in stood behind Micheal ready to shoot him.

“No……. Michael… out…”

I couldn’t scream… couldn’t jump down. It was a way too far. I would surely die with my unborn child.

But the guy was pulling the trigger..he was pulling it…about to shoot Michael…what do I do??…my mouth had suddenly lost it’s will to talk.

Michael was surely going to get shot….My eyes felt dizzy as I stared down,tears pouring down…

Micheal’s life depended on me now,even mine because right now…the fire is already eating up the door.


As I felt myself going unconscious,I heard a single gunshot and immediately knew Micheal had been shut and almost immediately,another siren blared outside the gate.

“It’s the fire extinguishers!” Was all I head before I collapsed as the heavy smoke closed up on me.

I went into coma for two days and was unaware of all what was happening.

When I woke up,I heard the whole story. Patrick’s gang were all killed after which the bomb was switched off before it could explored.

Patrick was taken to the police station.

The fire was put off by the fire extinguishers and my body was found,all black but thankfully not burnt.

And also,I did not lose my baby.

And as for Micheal,he saw shot…. really shot. He went into coma longer than me.

When I woke up the next day after I regained consciousness, Felicia was in my hospital room, making breakfast for me.

“Where’s Micheal? Is he still unconscious?” I asked Felicia who told me to calm down that I wasn’t still string enough to talk.

I was restless,so restless I thought I was going to go into coma again.

I could not afford to lose Micheal. He was all I have.

He was the only one who would support me in anything. I was shattered as I broke down, crying.

The doctor came in and scolded me when he saw me tearing myself apart.

“Michael is going to make it back to life! Do you want him to finally wake up and see you dead! Mrs Donald,you are pregnant!

Please,having high blood pressure with a pregnancy is too much. Don’t develop one, Please.

” The doctor told me and I looked up at him with blinding tears.

“Are you saying Michael is not going to die? After all those bullet?” I asked.

The doctor did not answer me. He only patted my back.

That meant something.

What if Micheal was really going to die? Without thinking twice,I yank the drip off my hand and pushed Felicia away from me, standing up from the bed.

“As you can see,I’m already alright. Please,take me to Michael. I really need to see if he’s still alive.” I said to the doctor who stared at me,amazed at what I just did.

“Mrs Donald….calm down.”The doctor said and I went wild.

“No! Doctor, please…. don’t tell me to calm down.

Where is Michael? Take me to him, please..I beg you.” I pleaded,tears flowing from my face.

“Mrs Donald, please,I said you should calm down first. Do you want to lose the baby?” The doctor asked me, angrily.

Why couldn’t he take me to Micheal immediately?

What was taking him long? Why couldn’t he take me to Michael if he isn’t….no…I couldn’t finish the statement.

“Okay doctor. I will calm down. Just take me him….I will calm down.”I pleaded again. The doctor looked at me and went out of the room.

He took me to an emergency ward and we entered aroom,where I saw Micheal lying on the bed, unconsciously with an oxygen fixed on his nose.

I covered my mouth from screaming out in tears. The life line read on as I went closer and Closer till I got beside him.

The doctor went out and two nurses came in, standing near by in case of any emergency.

I barely noticed what was going on. My thoughts,my eyes,my attention were all on Micheal who I had come to love so much.

I couldn’t bear to lose him.

Tears flooded my eyes as I touched his hand.

“Please, Michael…for my sake….just come back to life. You can’t be in this emergency bed forever.

This baby I’m carrying will need a father. Where do you want me to get a father from when you are gone?

I don’t care anymore whose baby I’m carrying.

I need you in my life Michael…just come back to life.

” I cried,not realizing I was already crying on top of my voice.

I was forced out of the by the nurses who took me back to my room.

Two days later,I was discharged. I did not want to leave Micheal all alone in the hospital but I was forced to go and freshen up.

The burnt house was already demolished but Eric had another house in an urban areas and I was taken there with Felicia by the lawyer,Mr Effiong.

All my clothes,my shoes and every other things were saved because the fire did not get into my room only that they smelled thickly of smoke.

I wasn’t thinking straight as I sat down in the living room,staring out ahead, ignoring Felicia’s pleas for me to eat.

I couldn’t. Food was like a torment to me every time I remembered Micheal,lying in an hospital bed and worst still,in the emergency room.

By noon,I decided to eat something so I would not arm my unborn child and by evening,I insisted on going back to the hospital.

When we got there,what I saw in front of the hospital main entrance shooked me.

It was like a dream but it was happening in front of me,I reality.

I saw Micheal, coming out of the hospital in his bloody hospital clothes,passing through people. Nobody noticed him and whatever does that mean?

It only meant one thing…he was a ghost.

I stood there, rooted to one spot as I watched him coming put and passing through people.

Felicia tried to pull me along, looking around,trying to see what I was seeing but I just stood still,my mouth wide open as I stared at Micheal.

He suddenly looked my way and smiled, raising his hand. He started waving at me.”I love you Rose ” he said, without his lips moving and even from that distance,I heard him clearly.

He was…. waving at me..Micheal was waving at me….and as I watching, waving my head and murmuring no,he was fading… fading and fading away….till all I could see were memories in front of me…

“No…” I murmured again,tears blinding my eyes as I stretched my hand.

Michael couldn’t just fade away like that….why would he…how could only meant one thing….no.. Michael… couldn’t just die like that and just as I was about to fall against Felicia, Michael reappeared again..the was he had faded away and smiled at me as my eyes widened,my feet growing strong again.

“Rose….I’ve been given a second chance. I will never say good bye again… I’m having from death ….” His voice said to me and with my very eyes watching,he went back into the hospital!

It all happened there in front of me,like a dream..

Michael went back!…..he went back into the hospital which meant I wasn’t going to lose him….I wasn’t…

I felt it.. really felt it as I allowed Felicia to lead me into the hospital that Michael was awake….


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