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Married to a Monster: Episode 14 & 15





I ran madly into the hospital and going into the ward,I met the doctor who greeted me with a broad smile.

“Mrs Donald!” He exclaimed as I grabbed his coat.

“Where’s Michael.. please..tell me he’s in there! Alive!” I voiced out, panting.

The doctor laughed.”Mrs Donald…Micheal is back to life. It was a miracle! He came out if coma just sine minutes ago.

It was a perfect miracle!” The doctor announced and for the first time again in weeks,I laughed and raced down to the emergency room.

I rushed in and saw Micheal,sitting up as the nurses fixed drip in him. I couldn’t believe it.

I screamed his name and ran to his open arms.

We locked in a tight embrace as I cried. Oh,it was the happiest day of my life.

“Thank you God for the second chance! Thank you for sending Michael back!” I waited as we hugged on.

The nurses looked at us smiling and tried to separate us but I know dozens of them wouldn’t be able to do so.

Micheal pulled me from him and looked into my face. I moved closer and kissed him even in front of the nurses who immediately excused us.

I was so overwhelmed with joy that even my unborn child kicked at such tender month.

“I was fighting for my life, begging God to bring me back…I almost died.” Michael told me as I sat beside him,our hands joined together as if we would never let go.

I looked at him and smiled.”No Michael. You died. Really died.

I saw you in the spiritual realm leaving the hospital and waving at me but you came back, telling me you’ve been given a second chance. It was a miracle, Michael.”I told him quietly.

He looked at me,in wonder as we hugged again.

He touched my stomach and I smiled.”You know what…I hope this child could be mine.. really mine but if it’s Eric’s child,I will cherish and love him or her forever.

” Michael said as I slowly looked at him,an amazing smile spreading over my face.

“Michael…are..are…you asking me to marry you?” I asked,the smile increasing.

He did not respond. He only leg go of my hand and looked away smiling in his own way.

“God!” I exclaimed and hugged him again from behind. He laughed and hugged me back,my soft tummy pressing against his body.

The door opened and the doctor cane in, smiling.

“Okay okay okay…two love birds….it’s time to leave the emergency room for room Q12!”

I laughed at the length of my maternity gown as I wore them in the bedroom, in front of Micheal who laughed back. He had just brought three maternity gown for me.

It’s been six months now since we came back from the hospital and I would be due anytime from now.

“God…I think this one is too much. Am I carrying the whole babies in my stomach? Infact I’m almost due…why buying me more gown?” I laughed out the words, checking myself in the mirror.

“It’s really okay on you. I love them. Don’t you think you should be in the hospital already to get ready?, The delivery date is up.” Micheal said as I smiled,still checking out my new gown.

“You worry too much. We will just go to the hospital when it starts. After all,we’ve packed up the baby’s load.” I replied.

“Hmm…as you wish.” Micheal answered and was about to bring out the second gown when a knock cane to the door. It was Felicia.

She ducked her head in and gave us a smile. I never knew she could smile so we’ll.” We have a visitor and it seems he is an important person.” She told us and left.

Micheal and I looked at each other and went out together. We got downstairs and saw the man, sitting down,a brief case layed on his laps.

“Mr Effiong!” Michael called as I turned to look at him.

“Michael!” Mr Effiong said, standing up as they shook hands together. He greeted me too before sitting down.

“You know him?” I asked him.

“Yes! Mr Eric’s layer. It’s good to see you.” Micheal said as we sat opposite him.

“So,it’s been a while. How come you visited us after my master’s death?” Michael asked as Mr Effiong smiled at us and put down his brief case on the table.

“Well…I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. I heard all that happened in the news papers.

I traveled out of the country and wasn’t able to come back and fulfil my job as Mr Eric Donald’s lawyer.

I’m here to read his last will.” Mr Effiong said and Michael and I exchanged glances again.

We looked back at him as he brought out a laminated sheet of paper from his brief case.

He looked into it and began…”I,Mr Eric Donald here by write in this book that all..I mean everything belonging to me should go to my most faithful servant, Micheal Eze.

My company at Festac goes to him. My landed properties in osun state,Calabar,South Africa all belongs to him.

As I have no other person to pass anything onto,I here by also give him my manufacturing company at ABA and also my six cars at my mansion in Cross River.

My signature is at the back of this will as a prove, together with my lawyer,Mr Effiong.

My house in the urban area of Golden street has a secret little room behind the parking lot. The key is buried under the sand, pilled up beside the door.

Inside that room is worth of 60 million naira or above.

I want him to be the new general manager at my company when I die which is at Gross link. I know he’s educated….but choose to work with me.

Everything else which I’ve not included yet but would soon be found out later is all his and his alone.
¢¥Signature…..” That’s what is written in this will I’m……”

I did not allow the lawyer to finish.

Wait….was I dreaming? Was everything being read, coming from the TV station?

I couldn’t believe it…that all those said words from the will was written by the cold hearted Eric!


I had called him a monster…..a cold hearted one.

He was but I never knew there was this part of him.

How could he have loved Michael so much to will him all his wealth?

When Micheal hugged me,tears of joy gathering in his eyes I knew it wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a dream at all!! It was not!

I gave an heavy shout of joy and hugged Michael back. As soon as I hit my stomach forcefully on his body,my stomach tumbled and I screamed.

Michael stopped and looked at me, together with the lawyer who placed the will on the table.

Even though my stomach was on fire as I held Michael, firmly,I looked up at him with an happy smile and laughed.

“Michael…I’m in labour!!!……..



👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Home Sweet Home! 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

I was taken to the hospital immediately and wheeled to the labour room.

The delivery took 15 minutes because the baby was a huge one and I had a little difficulty in pushing it out since it was my first issue.

Immediately I pushed out the baby,I slept off after hearing the cries of my new born baby.

When I woke up some hours later, I was taken out if the labour room to a normal room.

I couldn’t wait to see my child. Nobody answered me when I asked them if it was a boy or a girl. They okay kept on smiling at me and saying don’t worry.

Then Michael came inside the room, cradling the new baby in his arms.

He smiled and gave it to me.

“It’s a bouncing baby boy.” Michael said

I carried the baby and immediately I saw the baby’s face,I knew who the father is.

I looked up at Micheal sharply.”Michael….I…” I started but he cut me short, sitting next to me and looking at the baby too.

“You don’t have to say anything, Rose. Don’t explain and don’t complain.

I know the resemblance is there that we do not need another prove but now, he’s my child as much as yours and we are going to love him together.”

Michael said and I smiled,resting my head against his shoulders.

The baby was a carbon copy of Eric.

He took after him so much I thought I was holding a new born Eric.

Two days later,I was discharged from the hospital and we went home.

Everything said in the will was real. I personally cheeked out the money in the secret little room beside the parking lot. I saw many boxes in there and they were loaded with money.

I felt on too of the world. We were going to be rich forever.

We named the baby Fred and I had the most happy home ever.

Like instructed in the will, Micheal became the GM of the company at Gross Link.

Two years later,our wedding bell jingled.

I officially became Micheal’s wife. Just two weeks after our wedding,I found out I was pregnant.. pregnant! And this time,it was Micheal’s child.

Fred went to the best school and we gave him the best upbringing.

Months later,I gave birth to a girl, Micheal’s daughter and she was named Dora.

The kids loved each other and wouldn’t do anything without each other.

Fred was already six then, while Dora was four.

“Sometimes,I wonder if you guys are twin because I don’t understand why you two wants the same presents for Christmas!” Micheal said one Christmas period and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Of course we are… aren’t we,Dora?” Fred asked and Dora nodded, saying they were.

We burst into laughter.

I was laughing not only because of what they said,but because as I looked at the family I have now…I dared to say I now have a home.

A home I couldn’t build in the past…I now have it…just under my fingers. Wonderful beautiful children and a perfect husband.

What else would a woman crave for? If not a happy home you can call a home sweet home!!!…….

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!! What a wonderful nice ending! Oh my God,mum…you were so brave!” Fred clapped, dropping the diary on the table as he continued clapping.

Rose marched to him, picked up her diary and gave him a knock on the head.”Spoilt brat! I told you not to read adult’s diary anymore. You even read to the end,God!” Rose exclaimed as Fred laughed.

Dora and Michael joined them, sitting on the sofa.

“Just leave the guy, Rose. He’s twelve already.” Michael said, winking at Fred who gave him a thumbs up.

Rose breathed in and smiled at Fred as she sat down.”I just don’t want you to read the part your father died….you might be dad again and you know I don’t want that.”

“Come on mum,I know Fred is already aware of that and is also glad we shared the same father.” Dora chipped in as Fred smiled at her.

“Of course Dora….why should I be sad when I have a better daddy?” Fred asked as Micheal laughed and opened his arms as the boy ran to him. Michael gave him a playful punch and they laughed.

“So,tell me…which part of the story was your favorite?” Rose asked as Fred looked up though fully.

“Hmmmmm….yes! The part where dad returned back to life and the part where you finally had the home sweet home you’ve always wanted and the part where Dora and I acted like twins!! Urrgg! Not anymore.. she’s so annoying now!” Fred taunted as Dora chased him all over the house.

Michael and Rose laughed as the children ran upstairs,chasing each other. Rose went over to Michael sitting beside him. Michael put his arms around her and looked at her, smiling.” So…how do you feel?”

Rose smiled. How exactly does she feel? Well,she felt so good!!

“In the past years… I’ve ft so good and what was my favorite part of the story too? I think you know that because right now…the home sweet home I had always wanted is right here!”

Rose said happily and wrapped her arms around Micheal’s neck,kissing him like never before.

Within her,she knew she would never cry again because her family were here to stay and they would live happily ever after after the tussle and troubles.

Oh,what a home sweet home!!👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦



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