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I borrowed money to farm after my own capital was swept off




This is what happened to my house at no 4 tabernacle lane on the 18th of Oct,2019 after a heavy downpour. I built this house 20 years ago and have been living here until Akwa Ibom State Min of Works brought in a Company called ZASTRO ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION Company of no address nor construction equipment to fix tabernacle road around June, 2018.

This company came and filled the road with laterite altering the original topography of the road by about 2 meters height without any form of drainage. It abandoned the road in Oct 2018 and disappeared. All appeals to the Hon Commissioner for works to get them back to site fell on deaf ears.

At the onset of rains on the 5th of May 2019 all the flood now permeated my compound as it has nowhere to run to. This is the 3rd time am suffering this, 5th May, 12th June and one stretch of 12 meters of my perimeter fence was knock down on the 18/12/2019. I lost a total of 1,600 birds, 4,000 fishes excluding the ones I lost on the ,12th June,and all of my house properties this time around.

I’m a retired Company worker, not pensionable and aggressive farmer. Now all my livelihood is swept off. I call on all public spirited persons and Corporate bodies to come to my aid. I have no home to keep my family as this was my only country home. I borrowed money to farm after my own capital was swept off last June. Please persuade Akwa Ibom State Govt that it was not an offence for me to come back home from Lagos and contribute my quota to my State. My vote and that of my family counted in favour of Gov Udom Emmanuel and this is my gain.


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